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Our Highlights .

  • Yoga Acharyani Awardee
  • 20 years of Experience in Yoga field.
  • 17 years of Experience in Yoga Competitions.
  • 10+ years of Experience in Yoga Trainings.
  • 8+ years of Experience in Yoga Therapy.
  • Expertise in Yoga Therapy – Weight-Loss, Diabeties, Anxiety, Obesity, Astama, Breathing Problems, Disk Problems, Arthritis, Thyroid, Backpain, Sciatica, Backbone related problems, Digestive related, Skin related, Respiratory System related Problems and more.
  • Expertise in Conducting Yoga Training Workshops on different Private and Public Government Organizations.
  • Active Member in State Yoga Association.

Group Yoga Classes for Apartments, Communities, Groups & Office Teams ..

A simple guide to enhance your yoga experience, Checkout our classes below.
Yoga is open to all. You might be new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, young or old, yoga is for everybody.

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Group Yoga Classes for Apartments, Communities, Groups & Office Teams..

In group classes, you will be part of a group of students practicing yoga. All Age group People can practicing, and gather your surrounded people at your clubhouses or apartments, or any society area request for them to teach yoga at your convenient place the group sessions will get good health & lifestyle, our customized packages are available and Group class will help beginners or intermediate practitioners but however one has to slowly learn to do self-practice to really make Yoga part of one lifestyle and advance in once practice.

Get the Benefits and Healthy life with Yoga for your group of Family members and Apartments localities, Communities or Groups, Office Team members.

Special Discount Packages will be available for your Group Yoga Training Classes.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to focus on each individual’s journey and motivate each other, to reach and maintain radiant health and personal fulfillment.


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